Obedience & Protection training

Miami Puppy Training

Watch the video clips below of dogs in the process of training
Puppy Training, Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience (Off Leash)

Obedience Training Plans:

Puppy Preschool. (Between 2 and 3 and half months of age).

There are few joys like owning a puppy. But with this joy comes responsibility to your dog, yourself and your family. Puppies are blissfully ignorant of what is required of them. It is our job to guide them in the right direction, so that he or she will develop into a good canine citizen, one with which you would want to share your home. Our puppy preschool plan is tailored for puppies between 2 and 4 months of age. We use a proper balance of positive reinforcements and gentle discipline to achieve great results. Let us charm your puppy soon.

Proud Cadet Plan: Basic Obedience Training Video

Super Cadet Plan: Intermediate Obedience Training (Long line).

Executive Cadet Plan: Advanced Obedience Training (Off leash).

Tandem Training

Off Leash Training Public Areas

*All videos shot while training was in progress

Puppy Training Miami

Protection Training:

Watch On Command.
Protection Training.
Protection Training with Recall and Scenario Training.