Dr. Lara Spark D.V.M. Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

As a Doctor of Veterinary medicine, I understand having a well trained dog is paramount to keeping both the dog and the owner happy. In the past, I have tried other dog trainers to accomplish this goal, but both my clients and I were very dissatisfied. Thankfully since then, I have referred numerous clients for dog training with certified trainer Edgar Hernandez of The Dog Charmer Training and they have been extremely pleased with the results. I have personally witnessed the change in behaviors and I am confident that Edgar's ability is the main reason. Along with his training, he has a truly unique gift to evaluate and understand the personality of each dog and the steps needed to reach the clients specific goals.

I researched his background before recommending him to my clients and was very impressed with his credentials. Mr. Hernandez has years of experience and is always readily available. He provides a free first time at home consultation, and spends ample time discussing the needs and goals with each client. He returns calls and e-mails promptly with effective information. I highly recommend Edgar Hernandez for training, whether for basic needs or tackling a difficult problem. His training methods and instructions are very unique, thorough, and easy to follow. He readily shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of dogs and their individual personalities, making it easier to understand the process and work toward the improvement. I have absolute trust and confidence in Edgar Hernandez with my clients and my patients.


Dr. Lara Spark D.V.M.